Members from nine institutions have joined forces to support The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at Baylor College of Medicine.

The ICTR will provide an extensive infrastructure for Houston's scientific, clinical, academic and health care leaders to rapidly and efficiently translate biomedical research discoveries from their laboratories to improve public health locally, nationally and throughout the world.

The institute includes a broad network of physicians, scientists, bioinformaticians, educators and allied health professionals from both academic and clinical institutions to bring the best of research, clinical care and educational vision to the program.

The aims of the institute include:

  • Training and harnessing the intellectual curiosity of future leaders in medicine and science to reach across the science-medicine divide to creatively and rapidly solve biomedical problems
  • Reducing the often decades-long time gap that exists between successful completion of studies of new treatments or preventive measures and their use in community clinics and doctors' offices in the community
  • Developing new understandings of disease and disability and translating that into treatments or prevention efforts

Leaders of this effort include Dr. Susan Blaney, a clinical scientist and expert in the development of new treatments for childhood cancer and vice chair of research of the BCM Department of Pediatrics, and Dr. Thomas Kosten, a translationally oriented psychiatrist and addiction specialist.