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Fillers may be fix for skeletal-looking hands

Glenna Picton


Houston, TX -

Aging can take a toll on the hands, increasing the visibility of wrinkles, protruding veins and loose skin. But there are safe and effective hand rejuvenation procedures available to correct these problems, said a plastic surgeon from Baylor College of Medicine.

“A lot of men and women are dissatisfied with this aspect of aging,” said Dr. Jason Petrungaro, an assistant professor of surgery – division of plastic surgery at BCM. “The good news is that rejuvenation procedures are available to help fill in some of the hollowness that comes with the protruding veins, wrinkles and loose skin.”


Filler fix


With the help of fillers, plastic surgeons can offer a quick, easy and safe solution to smooth out those dramatic areas on the hand, restoring a more youthful look.

“This is not a surgical procedure,” said Petrungaro. “There is no cutting of the skin.”
The procedure works by injection of the filler into the defected area of the hand. The filler can be from a patient’s own tissue or a cosmetic filler.


Temporary solution


“Fillers are very safe,” he said. “There are very little side effects, and recovery time is minimal.”
But it is important to know this is not a permanent solution, he said. It may last between three to six months.


Other hand-related issues


In addition to hand rejuvenation, plastic surgeons regularly perform a variety of hand surgeries, Petrungaro said.

“It’s a common misconception that only orthopedic surgeons can do these procedures,” he said. “Plastic surgeons receive the same training and perform the same procedures, including general reconstructive surgeries, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow, golf elbow, joint problems, broken bones and nerve compressions.”

As with every plastic surgery procedure, Petrungaro warned that this is not the answer for all. The best way to tell if this is right for the patient is to consult with your plastic surgeon.

“For some men and women, this helps correct a problem that they may be very self-conscious about,” he said.

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