The Texas Two Step is taking on new meaning this February with a statewide, hands-only CPR training event that will emphasize the two most important steps of CPR: calling 911 and starting compressions. The event, a collaborative effort organized by all 10 medical schools in Texas, including Baylor College of Medicine, will take place Saturday, Feb. 6, at various locations in Houston as well as other cities across the state.

“Research has shown that hands-only CPR, meaning compressions only, is just as effective as traditional CPR which had included mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,” said Jake Valentine, third-year medical student at Baylor who is helping organize the statewide event in coordination with the Texas College of Emergency Physicians. “It’s important to train members of the community in this life-saving technique.”

Medical students from all Texas medical schools are organizing events in their communities, and those interested in registering for the training can visit to find the nearest training location.