Environmental Health News

Heat, medications don't mixAug 30, 2011
Medications can be altered by extreme heat and even moisture, causing them to become less potent before their expiration dates.
Extreme heat raises concerns about lunchbox food safetyAug 30, 2011
BCM expert offers tips for parents to make sure their kids won't get sick while still getting the nutrition they need at lunch.
Don't sweat the heat rashAug 30, 2011
Prevent heat rash by wearing breathable, lightweight clothes when possible.
How to stay hydrated in high heat Aug 30, 2011
Avoid drinking any caffeine right before or while you are outside, can cause even more dehydration.
What to wear, when to avoid outdoor treks during heat waveAug 30, 2011
Key items to wear outdoors include hats and light clothing to cover up your skin.