Ear, Nose and Throat News

Nasal irrigation wards off sinus infectionsMar 22, 2012
Suffer from chronic sinus infections? Try nasal irrigation to ease symptoms.
Hearing or vision test may be solution to 'bad behavior'Aug 12, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine experts says some classroom behavioral issues may be a sign of hearing, vision problems in children.
Old acquaintance not to be forgottenJan 4, 2011
Increase in flu activity seen, mostly of influenza A strain.
Research leads to better understanding of histiocytosisDec 16, 2010
A once-rare disease, histiocytosis, researched at BCM.
High tech genetic sequencing enables screening for hereditary hearing lossNov 16, 2010
Genome center technology now used to benefit patients by screening for hereditary hearing loss.
Sinuses can be a pain in the head, not neckMay 17, 2010
All headaches are not brought on by tension. They can be caused by sinus trouble.
Adult hearing loss focus on monthly genetic seriesMar 10, 2010
Panel to discuss how changes in genes can cause some adult hearing loss.