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Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D., Director, Biomedical Innovation Laboratory, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, Center for Space Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Dorit Donoviel named TRI for Space Health director

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Houston, TX -

Dr. Dorit Donoviel, associate professor in the Center for Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, has been named director of the Translational Research Institute (TRI) for Space Health at Baylor.

“I am excited to closely partner with the NASA Human Research Program, whose leaders had the vision and foresight to support our new model where strategic funding of high-risk, high-reward health innovations is not only tolerated, it is encouraged,” Donoviel said. “I am proud to know that we are building on a strong legacy of pioneers at NASA, Baylor, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute and the Center for Space Medicine.”

Prior to her new position, Donoviel worked for nine years at the National Space Biomedical Research Institute serving as deputy chief scientist and Industry Forum lead. The NASA-funded consortium of institutions, including Baylor College of Medicine, studied the health risks related to long-duration spaceflight.

“Dr. Donoviel is an energetic and innovative leader who is well positioned to direct the TRI for Space Health,” said Dr. Jeffrey Sutton director of the Center for Space Medicine and chair of the Board for TRI for Space Health. “She was selected among excellent candidates following a national search, where the search committee included distinguished representatives from Baylor, Caltech, MIT and NASA. All of us look forward to TRI for Space Health achieving its important mission on behalf of NASA and all stakeholders and congratulate Dr. Donoviel on her appointment as director.”

“My dream for TRI for Space Health is that it will be the nexus of where the brightest, most inventive minds come together to solve problems and create a future where anyone can live, work and be healthy in space,” Donoviel said.

The mission of the TRI for Space Health is to lead a national effort in translating cutting-edge terrestrial research into applied risk mitigation strategies for the human exploration of deep space. TRI for Space Health was founded in 2016 and works in partnership with NASA’s Human Research Program through a cooperative agreement. The institute is a consortium led by Baylor College of Medicine and includes California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Learn more about the Translational Research Institute for Space Health.

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