Diabetes News

Grant to study virtual weight management program for women with mobility impairmentsNov 8, 2012
Program will focus on diet, nutrition, barriers women with mobility impairments face when preparing food.
Transcription factor churns vicious cycle behind type 2 diabetesApr 27, 2012
Drug that targets ChREBP could be identified to help slow destructive cycle of diabetes.
Symposium features research of McNair Medical Institute ScholarsApr 23, 2012
Inaugural McNair Symposium to feature research of McNair Medical Institute Scholars.
New BCM McNair Scholar applies stem cell technology to advance diabetes researchApr 17, 2012
Dr. Malgorzata Borowiak has been named Baylor College of Medicine's fifth McNair Scholar.
Risk of heart disease important consideration for diabeticsMar 1, 2012
Diabetics can cut their risk of cardiovascular disease by maintaining low levels of cholesterol, low blood pressure.
Diabetic kidney failure follows a 'ROCK'y roadFeb 7, 2012
Protein identified by BCM researchers linked to progression of kidney disease.
Poorly controlled diabetes 'bad to the bone'Oct 14, 2011
Diabetic neuropathy, common complications of diabetes, caused by excess blood sugar in people with diabetes.
New Alkek Center for Molecular Discovery consolidates 'omics' effortsAug 1, 2011
New center expands program in proteomics, adds new metabolomics program to advance studies of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Renowned juvenile diabetes physician-scientist joins Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's HospitalJun 28, 2011
Dr. Jake A. Kushner, renowned juvenile diabetes scientist, joins Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital.
Special protein protects new islet cells from autoimmune destructionJun 7, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine researchers discover that a special protein protects new islet cells and can help treat type 1 diabetes.