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Don't let pools, lakes, beaches make you sickJun 2, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine experts provides tips for staying safe around pools, lakes, and beaches this summer.
BCM enrolling patients for Myasthenia Gravis study evaluating investigational studyMay 27, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine study on Myasthenia Gravis seeks volunteers diagnosed with this disorder.
Spanish-speaking Houstonians sought for roles in health-promotion playsMay 18, 2011
Forum Theater Project at Baylor College of Medicine seeks Spanish-speaking individuals for roles in health-promotion plays.
Exercise-induced asthma is manageable conditionApr 12, 2011
Gasping for breath while working out may be sign of exercise-induced asthma.
Antacids may mask serious problemMar 29, 2011
Frequent heartburn could be sign of chronic condition.
Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's Cancer and Hematology Clinic marks anniversaryMar 25, 2011
A look back for the 10th anniversary of the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's Cancer and hematology Clinic.
New Angola Sickle Cell Initiative draws energy, medical sector partnershipMar 22, 2011
Chevron to support Angola Sickle Cell Initiative with $4 million over four years.
Next stop for spiders: Outer spaceMar 14, 2011
BCM researchers to send two orb weaver spiders to International Space Station.
Revised showtimes announced for Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center 2011 community outreach playMar 10, 2011
Schedule for community outreach plays have changed.
Forum on arts, health promotion to be held March 24Mar 10, 2011
Art form as promotional method for health message focus of educational forum.