Plans to move the first clinical practices into the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center starting in fall 2013 took a step forward with the signing of contracts for interior construction as well as for art consulting services that will enhance the patient experience.

The BCM Board of Trustees approved the interior construction contract with Linbeck Group LLC and the art services contract with Skyline Art Services at a recent meeting.

The construction contract encompasses 185,000 square feet, including clinical, surgical and office space, inpatient beds, emergency room and imaging as well as the Bobby R. Alford Educational Center and the Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic for BCM’s corporate wellness program. Linbeck was also the construction contractor for the exterior of the building.

The first clinical practices that will move into the BCM Medical Center will be gastroenterology, orthopedics, pain management, general surgery and urology. See press release on the launch of the BCM Medical Center.

"We’re excited about BCM’s partnership with Linbeck," said Bob McCleskey, director of capital projects for the McNair Campus. "They are very familiar with this project, and we know their team well."

The Houston-based company is a leader in the construction industry, providing a broad range of services in health care, educational and cultural projects. Linbeck will work cooperatively with architecture firm WHR Architects and engineering firm SSR Inc.

The contract with Skyline Art Services will create the artistic vision for the BCM Medical Center. Skyline, also Houston-based, is an expert in helping to create improved patient outcomes and workplace excellence through the visual arts.

The contract covers creation of the artistic vision as well as commissioning art on BCM's behalf. There will be a focus on local art from Houston, Texas and the Southwest as well as on high-tech interactive art.

"Improving the patient experience is a top priority of the BCM Medical Center," said Dr. Paul Klotman, president and CEO of Baylor College of Medicine. "All aspects of the interior space will be developed with patient comfort and convenience in mind while also focusing on efficiency and value."

Additional contracts for signage and landscaping were signed with Formation LLC and the Office of James Burnett, respectively.