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Hilsenbeck named Fellow of American Statistical AssociationMay 19, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine professor named Fellow of the American Statistical Association.
Certain breast cancer patients may benefit from combined HER-2 targeted treatment without chemotherapyMay 18, 2011
Researchers find that certain breast cancer patients may benefit from a combination of treatments, may not need chemotherapy.
Breast progenitor cells form unique type of breast cancerMay 3, 2011
BCM researchers among those to target a cancer-causing gene to different types of normal cells in a mouse breast.
Courage, dedication motivate Avon walkers every step of their personal journeyApr 18, 2011
Read stories and see a photo slideshow from the 2011 Avon walk.
Loss of Rho GDI sparks resistance to treatment, opens doorway for metastasis studies in hormone receptor positive breast cancerMar 30, 2011
Study represents first model researchers can use to study estrogen receptor positive breast cancer that has metastasized.
Duncan Cancer Center researchers awarded $15.9 million in new round of CPRIT grantsMar 25, 2011
Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center researchers awarded $15.9 million in new grants.
Drug combinations may improve triple negative breast cancer treatmentMar 21, 2011
BCM researchers describe new understanding of forces that drive difficult-to-treat breast cancer.
New pINDUCER toolkit enhances oncogene studiesFeb 11, 2011
New system allows researchers to turn genes on or off anytime, enhancing drug discovery.
MicroRNA hinders enzyme that promotes breast cancer spread to brainFeb 8, 2011
Short, single strand of genetic material can stop spread of breast tumors to brain.
Combine ladies' holiday shopping trip, annual mammogram appointmentDec 15, 2010
Mammograms can be less stressful as part of a group activity with other women.