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McNair Scholar's science sheds light on formation of brain circuitryDec 21, 2010
BCM's first McNair scholar looks to how neurons connect in developing brains.
Baylor researchers measure competing factions in brainNov 29, 2010
Perceptual illusions could lead to insight into inner working of brain.
inhibitory-neurons-key-to-understandingNov 10, 2010
Study reveals alteration of signal from neurons can produce features of disorders such as autism.
Genetics spurs next generation of brain researchOct 21, 2010
National investment into human genome spurs next generation of brain research.
Life cycle of adult hippocampal newborn neuron uncoveredOct 8, 2010
New BCM study could play role in understanding learning, memory and disorders that affect hippocampus.
Genetic parsing of precursor protein gives clues to Alzheimer's diseaseSep 29, 2010
BCM researchers looking into information that would determine Alzheimer's drug development
Baylor joins Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative as official siteSep 28, 2010
Enrollment open for Parkinson's disease program at BCM.
Blocking potassium channel in mice brains causes seizuresJul 30, 2010
BCM researchers find blocking potassium ion channel in mice can cause seizure that mimics human epilepsy.
McNair Scholar will focus on brain research at Baylor College of MedicineJun 10, 2010
Dr. Benjamin Arankiel named McNair Scholar in neuroscience.
Learning from mistakes: Disappointment activates small mid brain region.May 21, 2010
Brain region responds to disappointment, Baylor researchers find.