Brain News

Genetic parsing of precursor protein gives clues to Alzheimer's diseaseSep 29, 2010
BCM researchers looking into information that would determine Alzheimer's drug development
Baylor joins Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative as official siteSep 28, 2010
Enrollment open for Parkinson's disease program at BCM.
Blocking potassium channel in mice brains causes seizuresJul 30, 2010
BCM researchers find blocking potassium ion channel in mice can cause seizure that mimics human epilepsy.
McNair Scholar will focus on brain research at Baylor College of MedicineJun 10, 2010
Dr. Benjamin Arankiel named McNair Scholar in neuroscience.
Learning from mistakes: Disappointment activates small mid brain region.May 21, 2010
Brain region responds to disappointment, Baylor researchers find.
Dangerous bacterial meningitis preventable with safe vaccinesApr 19, 2010
Bacterial meningitis can be prevented with three vaccines - one for each type of the bacteria that causes the disease.
Dopamine receptor recoded to respond to serotoninApr 14, 2010
BCM researchers recode a receptor for dopamine to respond to serotonin instead.
Enzyme presents therapeutic target in breast cancer brain metastasisFeb 17, 2010
Enzyme identified that plays role in spreading breast cancer to the brain.