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Dr. Trey Westbrook

Baylor team shortlisted for Cancer Research UK grants

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Houston, TX -

A multidisciplinary team of scientists from Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Utrecht University has been shortlisted to the final stages of Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge, an ambitious series of £20 million global grants tackling some of the toughest questions in cancer research.

“We’re grateful to the Grand Challenge initiative and CRUK for enabling us to bring together experts from across the globe to overcome some of the biggest obstacles facing cancer patients,” said Dr. Trey Westbrook, professor in the Departments of Molecular and Human Genetics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, McNair Scholar and member of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor.

The winning teams will be announced in fall 2018.

The Grand Challenge award aims to revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed, prevented and treated by providing international multidisciplinary teams the freedom to try novel approaches, at scale, in the pursuit of life changing discoveries.

This is the second round of Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge award and last year, four teams were awarded up to £20 million each.

Dr. Iain Foulkes, executive director of research and innovation at Cancer Research UK, said, “Round two of Grand Challenge is proving to be incredibly inspiring and the ambitious applications reflect the quality of global researchers this initiative has attracted to beat cancer sooner. We’re delighted with the teams we’ve shortlisted and look forward to hearing more about how they plan to tackle the toughest challenges in cancer research.”

Dr. Rick Klausner, chair of Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge advisory panel, said, “The challenges set for Grand Challenge have once again attracted some of the best researchers in the world. I’m looking forward to see how global collaboration could bring together diverse expertise, invigorate areas of research and overcome barriers in ways that aren’t happening at this point in time.”

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