Basic Science News

SRC-1 controls liver's 'sweet spot' for glucose productionNov 30, 2010
Report looks at glucose production in liver, seeking new ways to treat diseases such as type 2 diabetes.
Life cycle of adult hippocampal newborn neuron uncoveredOct 8, 2010
New BCM study could play role in understanding learning, memory and disorders that affect hippocampus.
Cell membranes capture electrical energy to amplify soundAug 12, 2010
BCM researchers discover that electrical energy in cells is converted into mechanical force, helping humans hear.
Scientists capture structure of virus changing during infectionJun 14, 2010
BCM researchers determine how virus structure changes during infection
Protein E-selectin ligand-1 regulates production of TGF-betaJun 9, 2010
BCM researchers uncover new information from unexpected results
'Votes' of sub-cellular variables control cell fateMay 14, 2010
Hidden variables in groups of cells may choose different paths.
DksA policies intersection of replication, transcriptionMay 6, 2010
DksA acts on the process of transcription directly to prevent conflict between transcription and replication.
Single protein regulates two immune pathwaysApr 28, 2010
BCM research team studies molecular mechanisms that hold innate immunity in check.
Dopamine receptor recoded to respond to serotoninApr 14, 2010
BCM researchers recode a receptor for dopamine to respond to serotonin instead.