Dr. Charles Lin (320x240)
Dr. Charles Lin, assistant professor of molecular and human genetics at Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Charles Lin, assistant professor of molecular and human genetics at Baylor College of Medicine, has been named one of five 2017 Pew-Stewart Scholars. With a research focus on exploring therapeutic strategies that target tumor self-renewal and regeneration in glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor, Lin fits the criteria of a Pew-Stewart Scholar for Cancer Research.

The Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research, presented by the Pew Charitable Trusts and Margaret Stewart Trust, honors select early-career scientists who are leading groundbreaking research with the aim to find cures for cancer. Each scholar will receive four years of flexible funding to support their innovative work.

“With the funding from the Pew-Stewart grant, our research will use chemical genetic and next-generation genomic approaches with the goal of achieving a greater understanding of the factors that control a subset of tumor cells, called cancer stem cells, that often leave brain tumors with the ability to regenerate following treatment,” said Lin, who also is a member of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor. “We hope this understanding will point us in the direction of new targets for this debilitating cancer.”

As a whole, the Scholar class of 2017 will investigate promising avenues to slow or halt the development of cancer.

“My research is motivated by the belief and vision that academic scientists can play a leading role in the development of novel cancer therapeutics. Becoming a Pew-Stewart Scholar for Cancer Research will help me achieve this vision as I transition to independence in my career,” Lin said.

For more information about the Pew-Stewart Scholars and their research, visit the award website.