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Dr. Martin M. Matzuk, director of the Center for Drug Discovery at Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Martin M. Matzuk, director of the Center for Drug Discovery at Baylor College of Medicine, has been awarded the distinction of Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors for his contributions to reproductive medicine and therapeutics. He is the first Baylor faculty member to be elected into the National Academy of Inventors.

Those elected as an NAI Fellow are nominated by their peers and recognized as academic leaders who demonstrate a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions and innovations that have made a tangible impact on the quality of life, economic development, and welfare of society. Dr. Matzuk holds 13 U.S. patents, has published over 325 papers, and has generated more than 100 genetically-engineered mouse lines.

“This is special honor to be recognized by the National Academy of Inventors for our translational research over the last three decades. I thank the Baylor administration and my colleagues and collaborators for their support and hard work,” said Matzuk, who holds the Stuart A. Wallace Chair and the Robert L. Moody, Sr. Chair in pathology & immunology at Baylor.

Matzuk’s research identifies the critical proteins and mechanisms involved in both normal and abnormal reproductive development and physiology. His lab focuses on discovering small molecules that would block sperm formation or function. His work also has uncovered important physiologic and pathophysiologic signaling pathways. This research has set the groundwork for the development of a reversible male contraceptive, and creating drugs for curing ovarian cancer and for treating muscle wasting diseases.

Matzuk also is professor of molecular and human genetics, molecular and cellular biology, and pharmacology and a member of the NCI-designated Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center (all at Baylor), director of Clinical Chemistry at Harris Health’s Ben Taub Hospital, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Matzuk is among 175 academic inventors across the country who have been named NAI Fellow for 2016. Included among all 757 NAI Fellows are more than 94 presidents and senior leaders of research universities and non-profit research institutes, 376 members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 28 inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, 45 recipients of the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation and U.S. National Medal of Science, 28 Nobel Laureates, 216 AAAS Fellows, 126 IEEE Fellows, and 116 Fellows of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, among other awards and distinctions.