Once a year, Key Professional Media conducts a process to identify Super Doctors®—those who have achieved a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement—as stated on their website.

The selection process involves inviting doctors to nominate colleagues they know to be exceptional in their field. Candidates are evaluated on 10 attributes, including honors and awards, publications, lectures, presentations leadership positions, board certifications, and more. Learn more about the detailed selection methods on their site.

Here is a list of BCM 2012 Super Doctors. Thank you to all of the doctors for the hard work, compassion, and energy devoted every day.

Glenn R. Cunningham – Endocrinology

Hashem B. El-Serag – Gastroenterology

Jacqueline A. Lappin – Surgery, Transplant

Garrett Rush Lynch – Oncology

C. Kent Osborne – Oncology

Jim T. Schwartz – Gastroenterology

Marcelo F. Vela – Gastroenterology

Daniel Yoshor – Surgery, Neurological

William Edward Gibbons – Reproductive Endocrinology

Efrain Bleiberg – Psychiatry

Biykem Bozkurt – Cardiology

Dale Brown, Jr. – Obstetrics/Gynecology

Joseph S. Coselli – Surgery, Thoracic

Clifford C. Dacso – Internal Medicine

Gail J. Demmler-Harrison – Infectious Disease

Donald T. Donovan – Otolaryngology

Rachelle S. Doody – Neurology

John A. Farmer – Cardiology

Adaani E. Frost – Pulmonary Medicine

John A. Goss, Jr. – Surgery, Transplant

Darrell S. Hanson – Surgery, Orthopedic

Yadollah Harati – Neurology

Richard A. Hrachovy - Neurology

Joseph Jankovic – Neurology

Marcia F. Katz – Pulmonary Medicine

Thomas Andrew Kent – Neurology

Douglas D. Koch – Ophthalmology

Scott Anthony Lemaire – Surgery, Cardiac

Ida F. Orengo – Dermatology

Robert B. Parke – Otolaryngology

Alfred N. Poindexter, III – Reproductive Endocrinology

Waqar A. Qureshi – Gastroenterology

Theodore Rosen – Dermatology

Joseph H. Sellin – Gastroenterology

Michael E. Speer – Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

Thomas M. Wheeler – Pathology

John E. Wolf, Jr. – Dermatology

Ronald L. Young – Obstetrics/Gynecology

Stuart C. Yudofsky – Psychiatry

George J. Hutton – Neurology

Kirk R. Wilhelmus – Ophthalmology

Michael Coburn – Urology

Dov Kadmon – Urology

Seth P. Lerner – Urology

Larry I. Lipshultz – Urology

Alice Y. Matoba – Ophthalmology

Jane E. Corboy – Family Medicine

Stephen J. Spann – Family Medicine

Joyce E. Davidson – Psychiatry

Joan E. Shook – Emergency Medicine

Sylvia Hsu – Dermatology

Ramsey F. Markus – Dermatology

*Please note that all Super Doctors may not be included in this list.