Dr. Bobby Kapur, assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and associate chief of emergency medicine at Ben Taub General Hospital, has been named director of the Center for Globalization at BCM.

Catalyst for collaborations

The center, created in March, acts as a catalyst for new collaborations and partnerships with the international community as well as an umbrella to the many international partnerships and research projects already in place at BCM.

"Dr. Kapur has an excellent vision for the Center for Globalization," said BCM President and CEO Dr. Paul Klotman. "With this center, the College will expand its reach around the world in all of our focus areas – education and training, patient care and research and development."

The first academic partnership created under the Center for Globalization was with Max India Group, a leading, comprehensive provider of healthcare services focusing on patient care, scientific research and medical education.

Free flow of ideas

"The Center for Globalization is about more than just providing global health care, it is about exchanging ideas in health care with other cultures and communities around the world," said Kapur.

"Our goals include a free flow of ideas allowing us to teach and learn from multiple countries to better serve our patients. We have much to gain from learning about health care systems and teaching methods from other countries and vice versa"

Kapur said advancing health care involves complex issues, so looking for solutions outside medicine towards engineering, social sciences, or even humanities might then open doors to find answers.

"We will search beyond our disciplines in medicine and bring together innovations here at the center," Kapur said. "By doing this we are not only discovering ways to improve patient care now, we are also improving patient care in the future by inspiring and sharing with the new generation of doctors and students."

Global partners

Collaborating with global partners allows doctors and researchers to transcend their daily practice and research by giving them the opportunity to share their work globally, he said.

Kapur received his bachelor's degree from Rice University and medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He completed residency training in emergency medicine at Yale University and completed a master's of public health at Harvard School of Public Health. He also completed an International Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Harvard Medical School and Brigham Women's Hospital.

Kapur's research interests include emergency public health, international health systems development, bombing events and blast injuries, and injury prevention.

The Center for Globalization was launched with a generous gift from BCM Trustee Wallace S. Wilson.