Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology News

Pathway to asthma winds through toll-like receptor 4Aug 15, 2013
Baylor research finds toll-like receptor 4 plays a key role in prompting the innate or immediate response that drives allergic disease and asthma.
Tips can help allergy sufferers get good night's sleepMar 26, 2013
Allergy expert at Baylor College of Medicine offers important advice for those suffering from those dreadful Spring allergies get a good night's sleep.
Allergic reactions to hair dye can happen at any timeMar 26, 2013
Can your hair dye cause an allergic reaction? BCM expert says yes
Pediatrician offers allergy prevention, management tipsSep 25, 2012
BCM pediatrician offers parents tips for dealing with kids' allergies.
Sjögren's Syndrome Clinic to open at Baylor College of MedicineJul 6, 2012
Clinic, created by Drs. David Corry, Stephen Pflugfelder and colleagues, will take multidisciplinary approach to help those with disorder.
Tips help manage pesky sinus symptomsMar 22, 2012
BCM expert offers tips for tackling drainage, sinus pressure, coughing and more
Nasal irrigation wards off sinus infectionsMar 22, 2012
Suffer from chronic sinus infections? Try nasal irrigation to ease symptoms.
Mild winter may mean early allergy seasonFeb 21, 2012
BCM expert warns mild winter could signal an earlier, longer allergy season.
Never say never when it comes to allergiesNov 21, 2011
Allergies depend on several factors and could develop over time even if an individual has never suffered from it before.
Researchers find potential new treatment for asthma sufferersAug 4, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine asthma expert among researchers to find potential new treatment for asthmatics.