Office of Communications and Community Outreach

The Office of Communications and Community Outreach promotes the College through specialized groups that focus on Media Relations & Communications, Web Management, Creative Services and Marketing and Community Outreach.

Media Relations & Communications

Lori Williams
Assistant Vice President of Communications
(713) 798-7637

Media Relations & Communications serves as the initial contact for reporters, producers and other media representatives seeking information about Baylor College of Medicine or wishing to interview faculty/staff experts. This group functions as the college's news bureau, serving as the primary source of information about the institution, its people and its programs.

In addition, this group is responsible for all internal communications, including employee news, and newsletters for students and faculty.

Web Management

Lynn Foltin
Senior Director
(713) 798-3322

The Institutional Web Management team is responsible for various services relating to the Baylor College of Medicine web site. Offices, departments and programs are welcome to contact the Web Management team for clarification of college web policies and procedures. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of corporate-level pages as well as special projects
  • Oversees official social media channels for Baylor as well as BCM blog platform
  • Content review of internal and public pages
  • Ensuring compliance with college branding, style standards and policies throughout the entire web
  • Providing guidance and assistance to departments, labs and programs in the creation of their public web presence

Marketing, Branding & Graphic Communications

Terry R. Krailo
Assistant Vice President
(713) 798-4726

Marketing is our comprehensive, in-house resource for clinical marketing strategies, BCM merchandising, printing, design, publishing, and photographic essentials. The office oversees production of a wide variety of materials ranging from simple invitations to newsletters, brochures, educational materials and high-quality commercial publications. Our expert staff also designs and produces a wide array of other items including:

  • Scientific presentations, exhibits and titles
  • Graphs, charts and slides
  • Glossy, matte, polyester and vinyl banners and posters
  • Business cards and stationery

Academic Communications and Recruitment

Debra Passner
Executive Director, Academic Communications and Recruitment 
(281) 630-0948

Academic Communications and Recruitment is responsible for the national reputation of Baylor College of Medicine among our academic peers and serves as a resource for all education and research programs within the College. Programs seeking promotion inside or outside of the College are encouraged to request support for development of strategic communications and marketing plans as well as assistance developing print and digital resources tailored to their needs while remaining within the College's brand guidelines.