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New function for gene ABAT provides explanation for mitochondrial dysfunction disorder March 4, 2015
What began as a clinical mystery ended up connecting the metabolism of an important neurotransmitter with the metabolism of nucleosides, as well as maintenance of the mitochondrial genome in a single gene called ABAT.
Baylor, Texas Children's join national collaboration to solve most difficult, rare medical cases July 1, 2014
New national network of clinicians and scientists are joining forces to address prolonged undiagnosed medical conditions.
How neurons and behavior are lined in Rett Syndrome Nov. 15, 2008
As researchers at Baylor College of Medicine study MeCP2, the protein whose lack results in Rett Syndrome—a devastating autism spectrum disorder—they have come to understand the protein's importance in normal cells and how losing it can result…
In rare cases, scientists link autism to folate deficiency Sept. 8, 2008
In the fall of 2006, Liz and Peter Bell started to notice behavioral and neurological regression in their 13-year-old son, Tyler.