Nov. 5, 2016

I am pleased that the Alzheimer Disease and Memory Disorder Center is co-leading the Baylor Team for the Walk to End Alzheimer's Nov. 5, 2016 at the University of Houston. This walk is the Alzheimer's Association largest fundraiser of the year and it is a critical strategy for increasing the public's awareness.

Please join our effort!

  • Not available to walk Nov. 5? Not a problem! Help us get other walkers and donors!
  • Don't want to donate? Not a problem! It is free to register for the Walk. Help us find others to walk and donate.
  • Don't want to walk or donate? Not a problem! Help us find others to walk and donate.

Registration to walk is easy; simply visit our Walk to End Alzheimer's team page.

  1. Registration is FREE!
  2. To participate, go to the Baylor Team page.
  3. To join our team as a walker: click on the "Join Our Team" button, located under Our Walk. Once you join, you can make a donation yourself and invite family/friends to donate to our team by sharing the team page link above or posting on social media to increase donations/participation.

To donate go to the Baylor Team page. You can either find the name of a team roster member, and click the "Donate" button next to his or her name or scroll down to the "Donate to the Team" button. Either way, The Baylor Team is credited with your donation.

Once you register, it is easy to modify your personal page and invite others to join our team and/or donate.

Every dollar raised goes directly toward the efforts of the Alzheimer's Association® to advance of the care, support, and research of Alzheimer's Disease.

Thank you,

Joseph S. Kass, M.D., J.D., FAAN
Associate Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry & Medical Ethics

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Vice Chair for Education, Neurology
Director, Alzheimer's Disease & Memory Disorders Center
Baylor College of Medicine

Chief of Neurology & Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center
Ben Taub Hospital
Harris Health System