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Welcome to your Neurology Core Clerkship! Our Neurology faculty at Baylor have recorded their lectures for your education and review. Available online by secure login only, please use these lectures to prepare for your Team Based Learning Sessions.

In each lecture you will find a QR code. Please scan the QR code and give a rating to the lecture so that you get credit for reviewing the lecture.

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Neurology Core Clerkship Lecture Series





2020-04-21 Neurocritical Care Richard Dunham, M.D. Vascular Neurology
2018-07-06 Misc. Doris Kung, D.O. Headache
2018-07-06 Dementia Melissa M. Yu, M.D. Dementia for Students
2018-07-03 Neuromuscular Nicolaas "Colin" Anderson, D.O. Neuromuscular Disease
2018-07-03 Movement Disorders Fariha Jamal, M.D. Movement Disorders
2018-07-03 Pediatric Neurology Simon Kayyal, M.D. Introduction to Pediatric Neurology
2018-07-03 Epilepsy Doris Kung, D.O. Management of Patients with Epilepsy