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Genomic and RNA Profiling Core Facility

Houston, Texas

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Genomic and RNA Profiling Core
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SuperArray Expression Assays

SA Biosciences (formerly SuperArray Biosciences) offers PCR expression with their RT² ProfilerTM PCR Array. This panel is available in the GARP in 96-well plate format. Each plate contains a SYBR Green Master Mix and optimized primers, either from their catalog of disease- and pathway- researched genes, or as a custom panel. The assays allow for high quality results with a variety of sample types, including FFPE and low concentration samples. The specificity of the primers, coupled with the Master Mixes, eliminates the formation of secondary structures such as primer dimers. The image below shows data from the cytokine pathway array.

SuperArray Cytokine Pathway

mRNA Expression

The RT² qPCR Primer Assay is a reliable SYBR® Green-based quantitative real-time PCR assay for gene expression analysis. The experimentally verified design algorithm yields gene-specific qPCR assays characterized by uniform and high PCR efficiencies and standardized amplification conditions. Every RT² qPCR Primer Assay is subjected to rigorous experimental verification. Single product amplification of the correct size and high PCR efficiency are guaranteed when using the appropriate RT² qPCR master mixes.

SuperArray mRNA Expression Assays
Minimum Total RNA Input Minimum Concentration
0.5-1 µg
63-125 ng/µL

microRNA Expression

RT² miRNA qPCR Arrays and individual Assays enable you to obtain high-quality and genome-wide miRNA expression data by doing nothing more than a simple qRT-PCR protocol. SABiosciences' patent-pending miRNA technology ingeniously integrates a universal tailing and reverse transcription reaction specific for miRNA with the accurate expression level measurement of distinct miRNA sequences that may only differ by a single nucleotide base. With this technology, you can easily get a comprehensive survey of miRNA expression in your cell line or tissue of interest. Samples must be enriched for miRNA/small RNA fraction.

SuperArray miRNA Expression Assays
Minimum Enriched miRNA Input Minimum Enriched miRNA Concentration
100 ng
20 ng/µL

Please visit the SA Biosciences website for array formats and organism types. Click here for a list of all RT² Profiler Arrays.

NOTE: All samples must pass GARP Sample Quality Control (SAQC) before they can be submitted for array processing.

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