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Baylor Medicine neurosurgeons are highly-trained specialists providing a full range of brain and spinal surgeries including skull-base, craniofacial, endoscopic and minimally invasive, spinal and functional neurosurgeries. Collectively Baylor Medicine offer our patients truly expert and compassionate care for any neurosurgical problem, no matter how rare or complex.

When a patient sees a Baylor neurosurgeon, they benefit from the expertise of our entire department, including national leaders in neurosurgical research. Our specialists employ the newest and most advanced neurosurgical treatments and techniques to benefit their patients.

We offer all patients compassionate, patient-centric care, easily available appointments and timely follow-up.

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Neurosurgery patient information as well as general patient forms and information including insurance, pay online, billing, hotel/motel guide, customer service, privacy practices (HIPAA) and more.


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