Healthcare: Neurology

Professional Services


Disclaimer: The resources and services listed are neither comprehensive nor endorsed by the Parkinson's Disease Center and Movement Disorders Clinic. This document serves only as a list for patient information.

Driver Rehabilitation Services, P.C.
(713) 722-0667
1450 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77043
Driver testing

FirstAid Program for transport of bedridden patients
(713) 218-0004
Medicare/Medicaid accepted

Christine Hunter, R.N.
(713) 798-3951
Baylor College of Medicine
Patient advocate, Huntington's Disease Center of Excellence

Peggy Ingels, PT
(713) 798-9009
Baylor College of Medicine
Physical therapist (private pay)

Sunita Kavrie, Ph.D.
(832) 865-0567
Speech therapist (private pay)

Cheryl Lenheiser, LMSW-ACP (Dallas area)
(800) 910-6111
Social worker, Huntington's Disease Society of America, Texas Chapter

Personal Physician Group
(713) 524-9800
Dr. Rebecca Clearman, Medical Director
5219 Caroline
Houston, TX 77004
(approximately $400/hour)

Katie Plunkett, M.S.
(832) 822-4295
Baylor College of Medicine
Genetic counselor

Marshall Shumsky, Ph.D.
(713) 784-6610
7887 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77063
Education consultant

Strowmatt Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
(713) 722-0667
11020 Old Katy Rd., #217
Houston, TX 77043
Driver testing

Marilyn Trail
(713) 794-7287
Baylor College of Medicine
Occupational therapist (private pay)

U.S. West Physical Therapy Mgt, L.L.C.
(713) 383-0809
(713) 461-5050
Green Park One
7515 South Main St., #790
Houston, TX 77030
900 Town & Country, #230
Houston, TX 77024
Full therapy services, PT, OT and ST, assist with transportation etc.