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Helpful Phone Numbers


Disclaimer: The resources and services listed are neither comprehensive nor endorsed by the Parkinson's Disease Center and Movement Disorders Clinic. This document serves only as a list for patient information.


Houston Area


American Red Cross
(800) 435-7669
Financial, transportation and travel aid

Child / Adult Protective Services
(800) 252-5400

Department of Transportation Vehicle Registration
(713) 368-2300
Handicapped license/placard

Grief Center of Houston
(713) 942-8339

Huntington's disease peer-led support group
(713) 798-3951
Email: Christine Hunter

Housing Authority
(713) 260-0685

Houston Area Parkinson's Society (HAPS)
(713) 626-7114
Email: Kathleen Crist
Local Parkinson's disease support group, resource for services

Houston Dystonia Support Group
(713) 821-8454
Resource for services

Houston Lawyer Referral Service
(713) 237-9429

Katy Essential Tremor Support Group
(281) 347-2194
Email: Betty Ann Schwarz
Local essential tremor support group, resource for services

Medicaid Office
(713) 696-7157
Financial assistance

Mustard Seed Ministries
(281) 272-5157
Transportation fee depends on distance to be traveled

Parkinson's Coalition of Houston
(713) 874-1010
Local Parkinson's disease support group, resource for services

Parkinson's Foundation of Harris County
(713) 552-0858
Local Parkinson's disease support group, resource for services

Sheltering Arms Senior Services
(713) 956-1888
Transportation for HAPS members at no charge

United Way Helpline
(713) 957-4357




American Health Care Association
(202) 842-4444

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
(847) 864-0123

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
(301) 652-2682

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
(800) 999-2782

Americans with Disabilities Act Regional and Technical Assistance Centers
(800) 435-7669

Dallas Area Parkinson Society
(972) 620-7600
Local Parkinson's disease support group, resource for services

Elder Care Information and Referral Service
(800) 677-1116

National Council on Aging
(202) 479-1200

National Council on Disability
(202) 347-1234

Social Security Disability
(800) 772-1213

Texas Social Security
(512) 424-4000

(877) 322-7222
Resource for disability information