Healthcare: Medical Genetics

Pediatric Genetics


If the patient is younger than 18 years, please contact the Texas Children's Hospital Genetics Clinic at (832) 822-4261 or (832) 822-4283. Baylor Medicine only provides evaluations for individuals 18 years or older.

Our pediatric genetics team provides care to complex and/or critically ill patients at Texas Children's Hospital and several other hospitals within the Texas Medical Center and outside (TCH West Campus and The Woodlands Texas Children’s Hospital). The outpatient pediatric genetics clinics are among the largest genetics clinics in the country and see over 3000 patients annually.

Specialty clinics within the Texas Children's Genetics Clinic include the metabolic clinic, neurofibromatosis clinic, skeletal dysplasia clinic, and the cancer genetics clinic. We also have many multidisciplinary team clinics like the Angelman Syndrome Clinic, and the Gender Medicine Program. Our department’s clinical and genetic counseling faculty also staff joint clinics with other departments at TCH including otolarynogology (otogenetics), neurology (neurogenetics/tuberous sclerosis), plastic surgery (Craniofacial/Craniosynostosis clinics). 

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