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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

Giving life to possible


Care Philosophy

At Baylor College of Medicine, we're looking at healthcare from a new perspective - yours. And it's changing the way we heal people.

We offer all the advantages associated with a top medical school and research center, in a unique setting where everything revolves around the patient.

Our collaborative, multi-specialty approach puts the focus where it belongs - on you, the patient, and the disease. We are making this happen by:

  • Using computerized patient records to better coordinate care while giving you easy access to your health information
  • Making better use of your time through conveniences like onsite diagnostics and testing, more timely appointments, easy access facilities, email communication and friendly concierge services

Every element of our practice, our systems, and our environment is guided by one crucial question: Will it improve the patient experience and quality of care?

The end result: A new approach to healthcare that combines the best minds, the best medicine and the best possible patient care.