Baylor College of Medicine

BAT IT: Banked Anti-SARS Cov-2 T cell Infusions for Treatment of COVID 19 (H-47739)



This is a dose-finding safety trial followed by a randomized pilot trial comparing administration of SARS-CoV2-specific T cells (SARS-CoVSTs) to standard of care treatment in hospitalized patients with COVID19 who are at high risk of requiring mechanical ventilation.

The SARS-CoVSTs lines have been made at Baylor College of Medicine from healthy donors who have made a full recovery from COVID19. These cell lines were frozen for later use and will be thawed and used to treat patients who meet the eligibility criteria.

AGE REQUIREMENTS:  18 years and older.

More information about this study can be found on

NCT#/ ID:04401410


Kimberly McGee Mooney

Phone 1: 832–275–0194

IRB: H-47739




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