Baylor College of Medicine

Diabetic Foot Wound Healing Study (H-38054)



Evaluation of OxySpur Wound Dressing with TransCu O2 to Study Diabetic Foot Wound Healing

Principal Investigator: Bijan Najafi, Ph.D.

Sponsored by: EO2 Concepts

OxySpur dressing in concert with TransCu Oxygen delivery system is a novel wound healing therapy that promises to enhance vascular conditions at the wound bed and expediting wound healing. The body of work in this area suggests opportunities for better patient care using a simple, inexpensive approach that has few adverse effects.

Inclusion Criteria:

a) 18-85 years of age

b) History of diabetes

c) Ability to provide informed consent

d) Active diabetic ulcer

Exclusion Criteria:

a) Charcot arthropathy

b) Unable to ambulate without assistance

c) Bilateral AK/BK amputation

d) Active drug/alcohol abuse (or history of drug/alcohol abuse in last year)

e) Dementia or impaired cognitive function

f) Subjects with osteomyelitis or extreme gangrene


Ana Enriquez
Research Coordinator
(713) 798-7537

Ivan Marin
Research Coordinator
(713) 798-7538

IRB: H-38054




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