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Autism Spectrum Disorder Study (H-29411)



Multisensory Integration in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Despite many years of research, it is not clear if individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulty combining information from different senses for perception of objects in the world. A new research study, led by Dr. Dora Angelaki, examines how individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder integrate audio and visual cues when judging the location of an audio-visual stimulus in the world. Participants view a flash of light and/or hear an audio beep and are asked to indicate if the light/sound came from their left or right by pressing a button.

We are currently recruiting teenagers diagnosed with ASD and control healthy individuals between the ages of 13-20. Participants with ASD and his/her siblings are both eligible to participate. The study comprises of two sessions, each lasting about two hours. Each participant will receive $15 per hour as a small thank you for his/her time. The experiments can be scheduled in the evening or during weekends to accommodate families’ schedules. The study team will pay for parking and provide refreshments for participants.

If you are interested in learning more about this study and how you can participate, please email the study leader Dr. Kalpana Dokka or call (713) 798-9193.

IRB: H-29411




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