BCM Travel Medicine

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BCM Travel Medicine is ready to help with your preparations for traveling abroad. Please read the following information before your appointment.

Schedule your initial appointment at least 6-8 weeks prior to your departure, "as soon as you decide to travel."

You cannot receive your immunizations too early, but you can be too late for them to be effective for your trip. Some vaccines are given in a series and require a minimum of a month to complete. Call (713) 798-TRVL (8785).

Download and print the Pre-Travel Questionnaire. Fill out the questionnaire completely. Email your form to travelquestionnaire@bcm.edu or fax to (713) 798-0171. Bring a copy to your appointment.

Include copies of all previous immunization records available to you. If necessary, contact the appropriate persons to obtain these records. This information is necessary for us to provide you with the best protection for travel

If you have an "International Certificate of Vaccination" (yellow booklet), bring it with you to your appointment.

Full payment is required at your appointment

Cash, check, debit and credit cards are accepted. You will receive a receipt that enables you to file your own insurance claim as many health insurance companies do not cover travel medicine.