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The Elkin’s Pancreas Center

One of the goals of The Elkin's Pancreas Center is to learn more about the genes involved in pancreatic cancer, which is currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death with few effective therapies available. Knowing more about cancer genetics opens the door to develop new and earlier diagnostic tests and new treatment strategies.

Dr. William E. Fisher directs a multidisciplinary team at The Elkin’s Pancreas Center, which specializes in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic diseases, and pancreatitis through pancreatic surgery, gene therapy, clinical trials, general surgery, and minimally invasive surgery. For the fifth year in a row, more patients are seeking treatment in the Center and for five years now, the mortality rate for the Whipple procedure has been <1%. Furthermore, the time patients spend in the hospital and the complication rates compare favorably with all other major cancer centers in the Houston area and nationwide.

Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center brings together the cancer-related activities of our faculty at multiple institutions in the Texas Medical Center, allowing us to fast-track our efforts to prevent, treat, and cure cancer in all its forms.

We offer the best minds in cancer treatment backed by the renowned researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, improved outcomes through comprehensive, personalized care, and access to the latest clinical trials. We are at the forefront of personalized medicine, replacing traditional treatments with targeted therapies based on each individual’s unique biology and the exact characteristics of their cancer. The benefits: earlier detection, better prevention, and more effective treatments with fewer side effects.

Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

The Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center is a major component of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine. The center brings together research, patient care, education, and outreach activities from Baylor and its affiliated hospitals to expedite the fight against this devastating disease. The National Cancer Institute has named the Duncan Cancer Center one of its two designated cancer centers in Houston, a significant milestone that opens the doors for additional funding to combat cancer. The Center’s multidisciplinary programs in surgical oncology offer the best possible care to our patients.