Breast reconstruction (DIEP, TRAM, SIEA, TUG/DUG, PAP, SGAP, latissimus, implant-based, mega-volume fat grafting) involves reconstruction of the shape and appearance of a woman's breast that has been removed due to cancer or other disease or injury. See also what surgical oncology options are available for breast cancer patients.

Cancer, soft tissue. Restores form and function, including rebuilding body parts and facial features, following removal of soft tissue cancer.

Craniofacial surgery. Surgery to the head or face to correct childhood birth defects or restore normal appearance including cleft lip, cleft palate, jaw surgeries, etc.

Microsurgical lymphedema treatment/microsurgical venous ulcer treatment

Pediatric surgery. Surgery for children to correct childhood birth defects or restore a child's normal appearance.

Syndactyly repair. Surgery to fix webbing of the toes, fingers or both.

Wound healing and closure. Microsurgery techniques and tissue flaps are used to improve healing and reduce scarring when a wound is large, jagged or cannot be covered with the skin currently at the site.