Neuromuscular Disease Center

Nerve and Muscle Pathology Laboratory

The Nerve and Muscle Pathology Laboratory has a long history of providing expert evaluation at the microscopic level of nerve and muscle conditions. Nerve and muscle biopsies are performed in the Neuromuscular Disease Center and the specimens are processed and interpreted in this state-of-the-art and CLIA-certified laboratory. The comprehensive and detailed report of the findings is sent to the patient’s physician.

The laboratory also receives biopsies obtained by other physicians and pathologists in other cities and states. The faculty at the Nerve and Muscle Pathology Lab are always available to discuss the findings of the biopsies with the referring physicians to achieve a better understanding of the clinical and pathological correlations.

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For submitting the biopsy tissue to the laboratory, please contact Kevin Blankenship at (713) 798-7653 or Forms may be faxed to (713) 798-8148.


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Neuromuscular Biopsy

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