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Maxine Mesinger Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions About MS

How soon can an MS patient be seen at the clinic?

Appointments for current programs and for the MS Clinic are booked several weeks in advance. A staff of neurologists treat as many patients as possible, however, to ensure excellent care, ample time is scheduled for each patient.

What causes fatigue in MS patients?

No one knows why, but many MS patients experience fatigue. Frequent, short rest periods, combined with medications, seems to help.

Does MS run in families?

Not directly. For reasons that are not fully understood, certain groups of people living in colder climates have a higher incidence of MS.

Do you have to take medicine for MS?

There are medications available to treat most types of MS. Current recommendations are that all patients with relapsing - remitting MS be offered treatment with immunomodulatory drugs.

Is MS contagious?


Does MS affect every patient the same way?

MS shows itself in many different ways, and is sometimes quite mild. Usually, MS begins between ages 20 and 40, and occasionally begins as late as the age of 50. Older patients tend to have more chronic (constant and progressive) forms of MS than younger patients, who tend to have intermittent forms of MS.