Whether you use your voice to sing, auction antiques, instruct students, motivate audiences or captivate court room audiences, we understand that your voice is essential to your profession – it is how you make your living.

The Program for Professional Voice, part of the Institute for Voice and Swallowing at Baylor College of Medicine, is at the forefront of treating a range of complex disorders with the latest approaches including the use of digital videostroboscopy and minimally invasive techniques.

We treat the following types of voice problems:

We provide state-of-the-art evaluation and management that include:

  • Speech and language pathology evaluation to include the use of the voice range profile
  • In-office or operative procedures
  • Comprehensive assessment of voice problems using laryngeal stroboscopy

Our philosophy is to value the beauty of the human voice and all of its important roles while championing self-improvement.

With that in mind, we provide outreach to our colleagues and local communities in order to enhance human performance and vocal efficiency. The Institute for Voice and Swallowing is also leading the way to partner with other voice professionals in South Texas to form a network of those who deliver best practice. This network provides a venue for interdisciplinary discussion, and is ultimately a resource to professional voice users for laryngologist surgeons, speech pathologists, voice and speech trainers, and singing coaches.

In addition, one of our initiatives is to offer presentations to teachers and students that educate them on healthier vocal use and early warning signs of vocal cord problems. See recent presentation.