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Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology Clinic

About Us

The Section of Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology, part of the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, specializes in the evaluation and management of patients with immunologic, allergic and rheumatologic diseases.

Patients are referred to us with diseases of the immune system or musculoskeletal system, in many cases rare diseases or disorders that require the special knowledge, skills and experience of our nationally recognized academic physicians. We offer diagnosis and treatment for the full spectrum of allergic diseases and asthma, primary immune deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and the full range of arthritis, vasculitis and musculoskeletal diseases.

Our patients benefit from minimal wait times, multidisciplinary care from highly trained specialists, leading-edge diagnostics, innovative therapies, close patient follow-up and the opportunity to participate in the latest clinical research. Our clinic's medical records are stored and shared electronically, and we offer on-site radiology and lab services, resulting in expedient and efficient treatment without test duplication.

Each of our doctors specializes in a particular area of interest, including immune deficiencies, allergic reactions, asthma, arthritis, vasculitis and treatment for lupus. Patients are quickly referred to the appropriate specialist for the best possible care.