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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

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About Us

We provide clinical care in a teaching setting through Geriatric Medicine Associates, a non-profit group committed to improving the health of older persons through preventive health services, comprehensive assessments and long-term care. Patients come to us for our expertise in aging, our reputation for compassionate, unhurried care, our patient advocacy and our inclusion of family members as vital participants in the treatment plan.

We welcome all patients seeking a doctor specializing in geriatrics - from younger, fairly healthy people to those with more complex needs such as memory loss, depression, functional decline, social issues and chronic medical conditions

All of our patients share a common desire to be listened to and cared for, and GMA is dedicated to meeting those needs. Our patients are active members of their healthcare team, working with our clinicians to develop personalized healthcare plans that address their current and long-term needs.