Q. What if the clinic is closed?
A. When the Express Care Center is closed, you should contact your primary physician if you have an urgent problem, or go to an urgent care center (depending on your insurance). The Express Care Center will be closed weekends and BCM-recognized holidays. For emergency care, call 911 immediately.

Q. Is the Express Care Center available for my family too?
A. Yes, it is available for family members over the age of 12 who are covered by the same insurance plan you have, or another plan accepted by Baylor College of Medicine physicians.*

Q. Is the Express Care Center free for Baylor College of Medicine employees?
A. No. As with any clinic, there are charges for seeing the doctor in this facility. If you have an injury which occurred on the job at Baylor College of Medicine, you should first call Occupational Health at (713) 798-7880.

Q. How do I know if I should come to the Express Care Center or see my regular doctor?
A. We encourage continuity of care with your regular physician whenever possible. However, if you are ill and your regular doctor can't see you, it's a good time to consider the Baylor Clinic Family Medicine Express Care Center.

Q. What are some examples of acute injuries and illnesses that you treat?
A. Examples include acute pain from injuries such as sprains, strains or suspected broken bones; respiratory, urinary or intestinal infections; headache; rash; allergic reactions; sinus problems; ear, nose and throat infections; and abnormal bleeding (rectal or vaginal, for example).

Q. I've never been a patient at Baylor Clinic. Can I still come to the Express Care Center?
A. Yes. We welcome new patients.

Q. Do I have to make an appointment?
A. Yes, appointments are required.

Q. Does my medical coverage allow me to come to Baylor Clinic Family Medicine Express Care Center?
A. In most cases, if you are covered by a BCM health insurance plan, it will cover a Baylor Clinic Family Medicine Express Care Center visit. As with any medical appointment, you are responsible for any co-payment required by your health insurance plan. See Insurance/Payments.

*Some limitations apply. Please see Insurance/Payments for specific details.