The Express Care Center is an extension of the Family Medicine Clinics. We treat common conditions and offer convenient exams. If we determine that you need further treatment, we will connect you to the Baylor College of Medicine healthcare network of services and providers.

The Express Care Center is NOT an emergency room and is NOT an Urgent Care.

The Express Care Center treats patients 13 years of age and older.

Call (713) 798-9355.

What Is NOT Seen in Express Care Center

  • Patients needing care for chronic problems
  • Routine follow up for chronic conditions including, blood pressure, lipids and diabetes
  • Routine refills for chronic medication including, pain medication, medications for ADD, depression or anxiety
  • Patients needing a preventive exam, annual check-up, well woman’s exam, pre-op exam or medical clearance
  • Forms of any kind
  • Routine immunizations
  • Travel medication prescriptions
  • Any car accident related injuries
  • New HMO patients with Baylor College of Medicine
  • Fractures with exposed bone
  • Stab wound or gunshot victims

Patients requesting an appointment for routine care as outlined above should make an appointment with a primary care physician.

Patients who are experiencing an acute change in chronic condition: sudden change in blood pressure or blood sugar can be seen in Express Care Center.

If you experience chest pains, serious injury or illness, or other emergency, call 911.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Duban, PA-C

Family Medicine