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Baylor Facial Plastic Surgery Center

Skin Cancer Treatment

Working with fellowship-trained dermatologists and head and neck surgeons, the Baylor Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers advanced treatment of skin cancer of the face, including the Mohs micrographic surgery technique.

Mohs surgery involves the systematic removal and microscopic analysis of thin layers of skin at the tumor site until the last traces of cancerous tissue have been eliminated. The immediate and complete microscopic examination and evaluation of excised tissue is what differentiates Mohs surgery from other cancer removal procedures. Only the cancerous tissue is removed, minimizing both postoperative wound defect size and the chances of recurrence. The technique is most effective in the treatment of basal and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin. It may also be recommended for the eradication of other cancers and cutaneous malignancies. The high precision of Mohs surgery makes it ideal for the elimination of cancer on the face.