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Baylor Facial Plastic Surgery Center

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Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Anthony E. Brissett, M.D.
(713) 798-FACE (3223)

K. Kelly Gallagher, M.D. 
(713) 798-5900

Krista L. Olson, M.D. 
(713) 798-FACE (3223)

Microvascular and Reconstructive Surgery

Nadia G. Mohyuddin, M.D.
(713) 798-FACE (3223)

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dermatology and Oculoplastics

Ramsey F. Markus, M.D.
(713) 798-6925

Ida F. Orengo, M.D. 
(713) 798-6925

Michael T. Yen, M.D. 
(713) 798-5940