About Strawberry Health Center

Strawberrry Health Center (320x240)
Strawberry Health Center

Strawberry Health Center, located along the north side of state highway route 225 in Pasadena, Texas, is one of the premier community clinics of the Harris County Health District.

Thirteen full- and part-time physicians in all areas of expertise including internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, occupational medicine, pulmonary medicine and podiatry staff the clinic. Strawberry has also a midwife practitioner for prenatal monitoring.

Our policy is to accommodate and offer our very best practice in maintaining each client's personal health status with an aim toward prevention and avoiding disease progression that could result in a threatening or costly hospitalization. The entire Strawberry Health Center staff equally share a high level of pride and privilege in being able to care for our patients.

Strawberry averages more than 40,000 patient encounters each year. Parking is ample and free for all visitors.