The C6 is the latest version of one of the most popular and effective lasers in the treatment of brown spots. The C6 is different from other lasers due to the ability to use any one of four different wavelengths (532, 585, 650 and 1064 nanometers) to better treat the skin.

Treatment Preparation

A consultation is needed to evaluate the brown spot and determine how effective the treatment might be. Patients should not have a tan before their laser treatment. Numbing cream is generally not needed in the treatment of brown spots.


Depending on the type of treatment performed there may be a sunburn like feeling, redness, bruising and scabbing. The skin heals quickly within 3-7 days with the application of a greasy ointment such as petroleum jelly. A scar with any C6 treatment is extremely rare.

What to Expect

The effectiveness depends on the type of brown spot. For liver spots (lentigines) 1-2 treatments per area are generally needed (see pictures at the top of the page). Other brown spots may have more variable results.


The average charge per session is $400 for either brown spots or tattoo removal.


Treatments are performed at the VA Dermatology Clinic at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center. A large portion of the charge is given to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center for their programs.