Topical products Certain Dri & Maxim (OTC) or Drysol (Rx)

Body location: Anywhere 
Pro: Convenient and inexpensive 
Con: May be irritating and often ineffective 
Tip: Use at night when dry

Anticholinergic pills Robinul 1 or 2 mg tablets (2-3 x per day)

Body location: Anywhere 
Pro: Fairly safe in young healthy people 
Con: Generalized side effects 
Common side effects: Constipation, dry mouth, drowsiness, blurred vision, urinary retention 
Rare side effects: Cardiac arrest and arrhythmias, heat stroke due to decreased sweating 
Tip: Start with lower dose and gradually increase.

Botox injection in the office

What is: Botox injection 
Body location:
 Small areas. Underarms, hands, etc 
Pro: Quick, safe, very effective, long-lasting (6-12 months) 
Con: Expensive, multiple small intradermal injections 
Tip: Insurance may cover if prior options failed

Iontophoresis 2-3 times per week in the office for ~ 10 treatments

What is: Iontophoresis
Body location:
 Best for hands and feet 
Pro: Safe, effective, eventual home use (as little as once/month) 
Con: Time consuming at first 
Tip: Approximately 10 in-office treatments at first (safety and to gauge effect)

Sympathectomy surgery to cut / clip the sympathetic nerve in chest

Body location: Underarms and hands 
Pro: Very effective and permanent 
Con: Compensatory hyperhidrosis and surgical complications 
Tip: May not be covered unless Botox tried