About Botox

Botox is one of the most useful medications developed over the past 10-15 years. Botox is a precise but temporary treatment. It has a myriad of current and potential uses. Ophthalmologists inject Botox to relax twitchy eye muscles. Neurologists use Botox to prevent migraine and relax large overactive muscles in patients with spastic muscles.

As dermatologists, we use Botox to relax over-active muscles leading to a persistent scowl or other unwanted creases in the skin. The most common areas include the glabella (the muscles that cause a frown), the forehead and the crow's feet near the eyes. Recently, Botox has been shown to be incredibly effective at shutting off sweat production in the skin (the underarms are the most common area treated).

It is important to know that we have been highly trained and experienced at injecting Botox. We always use the legally approved Botox product made by Allergan for use here in the United States. We never use cheap, imported Botox due to the potential for quality concern. We never use Botox made for research or animal purposes for safety concerns. Our priority is an effective and safe treatment for every patient.