Baylor Dermatology Clinic

Cosmetic Treatment

by Ramsey Markus, M.D.

At Baylor Dermatology we do not advertise and depend on referrals from satisfied patients and physicians. Each member of the dermatology department has a clinical focus and is an academically active member in the field of dermatology. I am extremely focused on the three components of dermatology: general dermatology, laser treatment and Botox treatment. If a patient would be better served with a non-laser procedure or medication offered elsewhere I will refer to the best provider within or outside of our group. That type of focus allows for superior expertise resulting in better and safer care.

In order to maintain a reputation of outstanding patient care, several things are important in my practice:

Patient education and care: An informed patient is extremely important. A consultation is necessary to evaluate the skin and discuss therapeutic options and potential relevant side effects. We very much appreciate the trust patients give us when coming for treatment and an honest appraisal ensures realistic expectations and a satisfied patient.

Technology: Our equipment has been carefully selected to provide the safest and most effective treatment of the skin. None of our equipment is rented and we will not utilize technology that is more hype than effect. As no one machine is suitable for everybody, having an extensive laser roster allows the ability to pick and chose the right equipment for consistently excellent results. Despite having the best and latest technology, it is important to know that in some situations treatment might not be helpful or may yield less improvement than desired.

Training and experience: Unfortunately, there are no current legal standards requiring adequate education. I welcome anybody to inquire about education and experience as they are second to none. As a result, I am grateful to have been selected as a Texas Monthly Super Doctor and anĀ H Texas Top Doctor by my colleagues and other healthcare professionals in addition to other awards.