Center for Balance Disorders



Vestibular testing at the Center for Balance Disorders is provided under the direction of Jeffrey Vrabec, M.D., an expert in otology and neurotology.  Dr. Vrabec uses state-of-the-art tests in the form of ENG/VNG, VEMP, high-frequency rotational chair, and balance platform testing to determine if a patient has an inner ear disorder which may account for symptoms of dizziness, vertigo and/or disequilibrium.


Vestibular rehabilitation at the center is provided by Helen Cohen, Ed.D., OTR, FAOTA, an internationally recognized occupational therapist-vestibular physiologist and expert in vestibular and balance rehabilitation. Vestibular rehabilitation will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Cohen will evaluate the patient and tailor exercises and/or therapy maneuvers for a specific inner ear disorder. Rehabilitation may require one or more visits from the patient.


Melody Fregia, M.A., LPC, a licensed professional counselor, assists patients who have problems with the emotional aspects of chronic vertigo, imbalance, tinnitus and various voice disorders. Melody is uniquely qualified; before she became a counselor, she was a technician here in the CFBD, testing our patients. Read more about counseling for patients with chronic imbalance, vertigo, tinnitus and voice disorders.